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M Blackman

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The thoughts at a time of non-sleep

The last time I wrote here was quite some time ago. And I think T.S. Eliot was right in saying that the last of winter is the cruelest of times. I couldn’t really recall what has happened in the last few weeks and when I went to Ed Young’s diary, on Art Heat, to find out what might have happened to me, it just read: ‘sorry too sad to write’. That pretty much summed it up for me. Although it shouldn’t be a sad time, the first of the Young BlackMan Projects got off to a boyishly banal beginning at the Waiting Room last Friday (it reminded me of something, that DJing can be fun, that is to say as long as you only play the musical genre ‘boyband’). After that we ended up going for a dance with a girl called Thomas at a party at the Book Lounge held in honour of Faber and Faber. I’m not sure the t-shirts went down too well (or maybe it was Thomas’ dancing that irked them).

Perhaps I worry more than I should about the publishing/writing/reading world. But there does seem to be a certain patrician sententiousness to it that, I must say, does not seem to be in the art circles. Artist, unlike writers, seem to be allowed to take risks and put the odd boot in. Fine food and conversation, as Kenneth Clark said, are not what makes a civilisation. What does, however, seem to sometimes get the ball rolling is a swift kick in the backside. Ours is the backside of a young country. It is just about the right size for somebody to deliver it with the right impact. Countries like the UK and America have become obese dullards who would not notice the impact if it came with the force of a pneumatic anvil. In fairness they would have probably sat down mistakenly and crushed the kicker long before the striker had enough time for even the smallest beginnings of their back lift. I am awaiting the coming of our Rambo(1) and I trust it will be a young black man or woman. I lie here dreaming (although I am not asleep) that this writer will come and the publishing world and the readers will be ready, or do I just have a ‘head full of shattered dreams/got to leave it all behind me’(2)

1 The correct pronunciation but incorrect spelling of Rimbaud
2 Take That ‘Back for Good’


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  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Helen</a>
    September 4th, 2009 @00:06 #

    Oh Matthew. Cello post. Try not to worry, even if there is good reason. Come and have a cup of tea sometime.


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